Processor/Handlers are the people who receive the crop from the garden, and get it to you in the store; raw or processed.

CGC is a local alternative for market labeling at a variety of produce outlets. Certified Operations are listed online, so compliance can be easily verified!

The Clean Green Certification Program for Processor/Handlers requires an annual on-site inspection of each location for the continuance of certification. We are a team of qualified Inspectors and Certifiers who work year-round in the inspection of agricultural products, and in their processing, handling, packaging, labeling and transport.

In order to become a Clean Green Certified Processor/Handler the facility must:

1). Follow legal and responsible business practices.
2). Participate in a Carbon Footprint Reduction program within the facility; packaging, transport, and cleaning the facility and equipment.
3). Handle, clean and store all agricultural products in accordance with Clean Green Certified standards, as well as Federal and State food handling guidelines.
4). Submit procedures for processing, concentration, cooking and preparation of products for review to ensure compliance with Clean Green Certified standards as well as Federal and State food handling guidelines.
5). Have intelligent customer service regarding the products.

If your operation does not have these practices in place yet, no problem; our services are tailored to fit your needs. Our team can help you develop and implement these standards, no matter what stage your operation is currently at.

Test your initial eligibility for Processor-Handler Certification

Look for this logo on the shelves.

Give your store a Pop-Quiz about their products.
Ask your Processor/Handler about Clean Green Certified.
If they are not CGC, ask them “Why not?”