Licensed Products

Products licensed to carry the CGC logo have been reviewed by our staff using the National and International organic, bio-dynamic and sustainability. These products have been evaluated to meet high product and ingredient quality standards. Displaying the CGC logo on your product label is an excellent way to differentiate your product from the many already on the market. Clean Green Certified Crops & Products have won numerous National and International awards since 2010. Become part of Our Winning Team Today. When consumers see our Clean Green Certified Logo on your product they know that your product is of high quality and that your product is part of our award winning team!  Make it easy for the consumer to select your product from the already crowded store displays. Help your product stand apart from the rest and when you are Clean Green Certified, show it!

We also display the products that use our Logo on our Website. Look at these companies below that have been licensed to use the Certified Clean Green Logo

Visit Gro-Kashi
Check out Ed Rosenthal’s Line of Zero-Tolerance Products
Look at the CGC line at Dominion Organics “Superganic, Benefox, Brix Blaster and Super-B”
Sanctuary Soils is CGC and Registered with the CDFA.
CGC inspects input ingredients for compliance with the program’s standards. A1 Organics Passed!
Bison Soil Solutions has very unique products.
Visit Forever Flowering Greenhouses and Light Deprivation at
OMRI-listed and CGC plant growth enhancer and fertilizers from Grower’s Secret. Available exclusively from Nutrient Guru – find more information at